Monday, 9 April 2012


This picture is of my grandson Jamie taken with his three Greek cousins in Athens last week.  I managed to get it thanks to his Aunty Kerry and Facebook.  My main idea is to try and use up some old card and underneath this is a vile shocking pink (why did we ever buy it?). Anyway it now has a nice piece of paper over the top and some bits off another sheet underneath the torn areas - yes, it's exactly the same paper some has blue paint over it and the piece behind the photo had fired brick distress stain on it.  After the painting and stick down of the photo is is pretty much just embellishing.

A die cut birdcage and bird and a stamped bird, a couple of used stamps and some flowers.

 a close up of the bunting which is supposed to be the Greek flag and the Union Jack.  I had to make the Greek flag up which was quite difficult in a triangle.  lol
Finally a close up of the stamped bird, skeleton leaf, and the swirl.  I think I'm loving this page as I have wanted to do one of Jamie and his cousins for ages for his album so loads and loads of thanks to Aunty Kerry for putting some pics on facebook, and of course I am not biased but it is one beautiful picture.

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