Monday, 19 October 2015


This is challenge four in my art journaling group. I'm enjoying doing these challenges and I'm trying to use a different medium for each one. This time I have used neo colour 11 water soluble crayons. Painted over them with water and used black and white pens for decorating.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

More art journaling

These are my first two pages from the new art journaling blog I belong to. The one on the left is to use your initials to do a page. This was just a painted background and then some doodling with black and white pens. The chicken one was titled flattering fabrics. I made these chickens during a workshop when I was patch working and never did use them. But I saved them and hey presto they fitted perfectly for this page. Background was painted and the picket fence was just strips of white card. Food for chickens was split peas, they came in useful for something as well.

Started to do a bit

It's a little difficult to see this, but a little person has just moved to endear you and wanted a frozen bedroom. This was a pine unit we used to keep her books in. Now it's her bedside cabinet. I painted it with white emulsion two or three times and when it was dry embossed snowflakes all over it. The handle I painted blue and sprinkled blue glitter over it. When it was dry I varnished the whole thing. She loves it anyway.