Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tree Hug

This is one of the reasons I am so behind this week.  Ashleys 21st - it's supposed to be raining happy birthdays which are all over the card and on top of the umbrella which is made from honeycombe paper.  He did like it! but had his eye on some others that I had made, cus there are four more birthdays later in the week.  They are based on the union jack and "keep calm and enjoy your birthday".  So he had seen them and was expecting to get one but he was sadly dissappointed.

Anyway the picture on the right is of the tools you require to make the roses we are doing this week, so if you could bring them with you it would be most helpful.

 Left is the page, I really hate the title which I did in such a hurry.  I have scraplifted part of the page from I think Scrap 365.  Anyway it's kind of painting with spray inks and a few splashes, a couple of bits of paper, a doily and some half circles in print.  Add a few embellishments like roses and butterflies - done!  Please try and decide what colour you are going to do your roses before you come as it might save a little time, or they can be left white and just touched by a bit of colour which looks nice.

Close up on right of the roses.  Below is a close up of the butterflies.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

little doillies

Hi there,  are you all sick of the rain now?  Can't get a lot done up the allotment and it's so cold that the seeds I have planted are not growing.  So have spent quite a bit of time crafting - well it's better than ironing isn't it.  Trying to finish my eldest grandson's album off as he is 21 in a couple of weeks.  He did get the album for his 18th but there were a few pages left to do and of course only just got round to it.  This will be the last page in his book.
 I have finally found some doillies so might be using them lots as I have about 300 of them.  I saw a page in a mag using them for stencilling so this is my take on it.  I had quite a few photos all similar so thought it might be different to cut out the figures and get them all onto the page.  I am really pleased with the result.

 I have coloured the main doillies with distress ink, although I guess you could also spray them or paint them.  Of course I don't expect you to cut up photos if you don't want to so you will need probably two or three to arrange on the page.  I have a quote going all around the edge "It's nice to be important, but it's important to be nice". A great little quote and I can't remember where I saw it now and it was only last week...........
 Thought you might also like a peek at an album I am doing for my nephew for his 50th.  It's very difficult to do things like albums for blokes as you can't really put a lot of flowers in it, so I have decided to use paints and spray inks and stencils.  It's coming together quite nicely at the moment.  The page on the left is lots of splodges of paint, it was very bright to I calmed it down with gesso all over and then added the doillies.

This one is a few sprays of ink and part of a Dylusion stencil around the edge done in red pen.  Well that's me done for today, need to get some lunch and back to the grindstone.  See you soon.