Sunday, 24 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee

Seems ages since I lasted blogged or did a page for that matter.  Well it was well before I went on holiday and that seems ages away now, almost due for another one - if only if was married to a rich man.  Anyway I was asked if we could do a Jubilee page - so here it is in all its glory.  As you can see there of lots and lots of union jacks, some embossing and a few diamonds.

This event did take place whilst I was on holiday so I dutifully left my place in the sun and spent an hour and a half watching and taking pictures on the televison.  But as you can see I could have been there!!!!!! Also I didn't get wet.  So the pictures are a little grainy but that captures the rainy day I think.  Also must thank the BBC and their World Service - amazing.

Now you may be thinking you are fed up with the Jubilee and haven't any pictures.  Well this page can easily be adapted to a celebration of your own.  Silver Weddings, 21sts, anything really.  I do have a bunting stamp that isn't a union jack and also if you would like I can run you some pictures off that I took.  It was a fun page to do and I did enjoy a bit of embossing for a change.  See you all soon, bye for now.