Monday, 26 March 2012

Lots of things

It's been such lovely weather and there are so many things to do outside, but I can't put it off any longer so here I am showing the latest creations.  First off the pic on the right is the card I created for my Mum, it folds up like a book and ties with a ribbon.  The words on it say "I smile because you are my Mother, I laught because there is nothing you can do about it".  I think she liked it.  I have done it in the journaling style of backgound, with spray inks, paint, stencils etc.

 Here is a bit of a closer look with stamped flowers, butterflies covered in glossy accents and flowers.
 This is my take on Tim Holtz monthly tags.  This is March with mosaic butterflies and an embossed background.  His background was actually stamped so as I didn't have the stamps I embossed instead.
 I went to Kathryn's class a couple of weeks ago and we did the picture part which is actually a canvas which also had a hanging ribbon at the top.  I wanted to make a page of it so the ribbon is now down the edge of the page with several other additions of ribbon, lace and tape.  I covered the hanging holes with the butterfly and the three tiny flowers at the top.  I am quite pleased how this has now turned out.  I did like it before but I am running out of wall space to hang things now.
 This is Wednesdays page.  It is a double pager and altogether I have 19 photos, plus journaling and souveniers of the day.  If you have lots of photos of a day out, holiday, party, birthday or wedding, this is the one.  This photos are hidden in booklet form on each page.  My photos show a trip we made last year to Southend where we also went on a paddle steamer up the River Medway and back .  It was a lovely sunny day but a chilly wind whilst on deck - still there was a nice bar below decks!!!!!

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