Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The Red Coat

This page is all about little red coats. Eva had a little red coat when she was born that she wore a few times and is now being saved for any children she may have. In the other picture she is wearing the coat her mum and maybe her auntie wore when they were four. It was saved by her Nannie Helen and this too is also going to be saved. Hope the moths don't get to them. I have still to do some journaling and some black bows.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

What's going on here?

I swear I posted some pictures on here the other day. So where are they? Anyway these are the ones.
The two above are of the pony dress I made for Eva. A pony to bash and a pony cake and a dress I knitted for her from a photo her mum sent me. Ignore the top one I can't delete it.

Pony Party

Sorry no photos yet, as my printer is playing up.