Sunday, 19 February 2012

What a Mess

I got into such a mess doing the last post I have decided to do this bit separate.  Below you can see the mess I get into in my craft room.  I would seam that it doesn't matter how much space you have there is still not enough. 

This is the second page and the following pic shows a close up of the stencilling and sprayed roses.  You can guess from this that we are using black and white photos, fairly small sizes.  I used photo copies of the original sizes.

That's all for now I'm off to bed so will see you all on Wednesday.

I'm Back!!!

Well I have to say it seams ages, well it is a month to be exact since I last posted anything for you.  Lord of the Dance was fabulous and I was made to feel slightly inadequate by the fitness of the dancers and not a fat leg between them.  Hubby really enjoyed the show as well and I found Pat on the row in front of me about six seats along, she couldn't have been any closer unless she was sitting next to us!   Just so you know I've been busy - inky fingers.  We are going to be using Dylusions spray inks next week and I just love Dyans lovely bright colours.  I also done a paler page (for a boy) using Distress Refiller Inks mixed with water in a spray bottle.  Anyway I'll get the pics up so that you can see.

White card sprayed, stencilled and stamped.
Close up of the roses which started out white
Finished page
Close up of stencil