Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Tim's Tags

Did this with a little help from Jenny as she had the dies and stamps.  You may think I have a lot of stuff but you never have what's needed at the time - anyway we managed and it's great because it is so full of stuff.  I made the little ticket at the top and also the plaquette with 25 on it.
loved doing this one although I didn't have some of the required elements so I had to make them up.
This one bears no resemblence whatsover to the original as I did not have the required embossing folder.  I used this one and I quite like it.  The tag is made from sticky backed foil sheets , embossed and then painted. and then embossed with clear embossing powder.  These are the only ones I have done so far but hope to make a few more next week.  You can see all of Tim's  Tags and how to them on his blog.  Just leaves me to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year and see you all in January.

Turkey for Dinner

Well what do you think of these little beauties?  So darn cute and will be place names for Christmas dinner.  Guess where the idea came from?  Yes, Tim, see further details at .

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Another Dina Book

This was the Star book about all our dreams
This dream has been achieved so much sooner than I ever would have dreamed.  Sorry Mum craft room won against a downstairs loo, lol   

It's ready - Almost!!!

Floor down, units from Ikea made up and days of going backwards and forwards with my stuff.  Looking good now and it is actually quite warm during the day with no heating.  Hopefully tomorrow I can get down to doing some work in there.  Sorry you will have to look sideways as I am in a hurry to do this and can find out how to change photo round - thought I had done it and still it came out the same way.