Friday, 27 June 2014

Tattered Flowers

So you would like to know how I am making tattered flowers on a stem?
This is one I have done as part of my table decorations for my golden wedding.
You will need a foam pad, a hole piercer, a ball tool, a pair of scissors, pva glue, cocktail stick, kebab stick and some green floristry tape. Cut out three large flowers, three medium flowers a tiny flower, a calex and a leaf.

Ink all the edges, this looks nice even if you use double sided card. Cut two petals out of one of the medium flowers and ink the edges.
With the four petal flower make a cone by sticking two of the petals together. I should have mentioned that it is a good idea to shape all the petals with the ball tool after you have inked them up. Makes it so much easier to construct when everything is ready.
Next take the two petal piece, add glue to the inside and wind around the pointed end of the kebab stick. Next pierce a hole big enough to fit the stick in all the petals. Add the tiny flower petal next and the the cone, see next two photos.

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