Friday, 27 June 2014

Tattered Flowers part 2

 I'm back, bit of a natural break there as I hit the wrong button but managed to save it.

This is the stage you should be at now with the centre, tiny flower and the cone.
On the remaining flowers that you put on you need to curl the edges of the petals with a cocktail stick. I generally make mine go in different directions, hate too much uniformity and it is tattered!

Add the remaining flowers, first the two medium ones and then the three large ones.
Next its time to add the calex, try to get it into a cone shape and put glue around the top edge so that it attaches to the petals.
Take the leaf, add veins if you want to, and put some glue on the stem at the end of the leaf and a bit on the leaf so that you can attach it to the base of the petals.
Leave to dry.
Try to attach your tape as close to the petals as possible. Hold onto the tape and twist your stick so that the tape winds round the stick.  The tape is stretchy and sticky so stretch it a bit as you wind down the stick.  The flower is now finished but I have added a couple of gold ribbons around the stem, next to the leaf for an added bit of interest.

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