Thursday, 21 August 2014


Just had to show you this. It's taken me a couple of days to do but all I have to do now is to fill the jars with sweets. I stuck whatever I could find onto the lids, beads, buttons, a heart, a bird etc and then sprayed them gold. The carousel is made from thick card which had a corrugated centre so I was able to make wells to place the jars in but still leaving a base. The stanchions were chopsticks, so we can't have Chinese again now, also sprayed gold. I did all the spraying when it was complete apart from the roof. I place a further circle of card over the chopsticks and the tube from a paper towel. Kebab sticks were placed at an angle to shape the roof. I then measured a cut eight triangles and stuck the sides together to form the roof. The top was a empty ribbon reel sprayed gold. Just added some bunting for fun. This will be the centre piece for our golden wedding party. I am quite pleased with it.

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