Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Art Journaling

As promised here are a couple of pages from my Art Journal which I hope you will join me and create one of your own.  It is made from take away bags so each page has its own pocket for photos etc.  The front of each page will be designed by you.  I am doing seven stages in my life i.e. daughter, sister, wife, mum etc. There are up  to eight pages to do so its a matter of choosing your theme i.e. favourite holidays, places to visit, food, people hobbies etc.
We will be using various techniques for decorating the pages and various mediums.  I hope I can do a different one for all seven.  I have managed to up to now but I have two to do yet.....  Well I hope you all like what you see and that I will see some of you during the summer.  Take care and if I don't see you have fun.

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