Sunday, 22 January 2012

London Calling

Okay, I'm getting all patriotic quite early as we have quite a year in store with the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Games.  These are very old photos of me back in 1975 and a day trip with the keep fit club to the Royal Albert Hall - we did a bit of sightseeing as well and a trip on the Thames from where most of these pics are taken.  I've borrowed the collage bit from the Craft Stamper to try and get the old brain cells ticking and it is not the last you will see of these stamps (which are only a few of the ones I have recently purchased).  I am off to London next week for a "Sinister London" day trip, which is actually my present to the other half for his recent birthday - so hopefully I will get a lot more pics then and so a book maybe next.  Who knows!!!!!  Anyway look out your old photos, if not of London, then maybe you have some lurking around of the Silver Jubilee Street Party celebrations.  I seem to remember being in an organising committee for that and arranging all sorts of events to raise money.  I remember we had a darts competition in our garage, oh such fun!! And we held a special garden party for the OAP's in the avenue, now it's my turn for pampering and it doesn't look like anyone is organising anything this time around, oh well......................

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